Avisol Powder

Composition: Each 100 gm contains: -

  • Potassium Citrate                                      18 gm
  • Sodium Citrate                                          12 gm
  • Natural Immunostimulant compound             1 gm
  • Vitamin B1                                             0.30 gm
  • Vitamin B2                                             0.15 gm
  • Niacin                                                    0.32 gm
  • Vitamin K3                                             0.12 gm
  • Vitamin C                                               1.10 gm
  • Carrier                                                         Q.S.


  • Avisol is effective in flushing the kidney. It also helps to make tubular content alkaline and dissolve mucilage formed in urinary tubules. This smoothly regulates electrolyte threshold.
  • Avisol’s natural immunostimulant compound provides protection against the dangers of pathogens entering into the system.
  • Avisol thus keeps the bird healthy, despite prevailing management, environment or pathological problems.
  • The formulation is better supported with key vitamins making for better physiological status.


  • To prevent kidney damage
  • To prevent gout and Arthritis
  • As an aid in improvement of kidney health during disease, Antibiotic therapy etc.
  • As an aid in detoxification process
  • Helps to regulate electrolyte levels

Dosage & Administration:

  • 50 gm per 1000 chicks
  • 100 gm per 1000 birds
  • Advocated in drinking water for 5-7 days


Store in a cool and dry place protected from light.

Keep out of the reach of Children.

Pack Size: 500 gm pack

Manufactured By:

Venky’s (India) Ltd. India