• Diclozuril 0.1%


  • World Class manufacturing technology
  • Proper mixing in feed
  • Advanced recent molecule which completely interrupts life cycle of oocysts, schizonts, merozoites, micro and macro gametocytes
  • Interrupts life cycle of Eimeria sp. at an early stage
  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Adaptable to all coccidiosis management programmes
  • Zero withdrawal Period
  • Compatible with all currently used growth promoters
  • Prevents Oocyst shedding
  • Unprecedented level of safety and no danger to Human being


  • To control coccidiosis in broilers and layer replacement chicks upto 16 weeks
  • Effectively checks various stages of Eimeria
  • For use in shuttle and rotation programmes
  • Used effectively for preventing subclinical coccidiosis

Dosage & Administration:

  • 1 kg per ton of feed


Store in a cool and dry place protected from light.
Keep out of the reach of Children.

Pack Size: 5 kg bag.

Manufactured By:

Venky’s (India) Ltd., India