Composition: Betalay is a mixture of natural betaine, extracted from sugar beet juice and lactic acid.

  • Betaine            17.5 – 18.5%
  • Lactic Acid       29 – 31%
  • Water              31 – 35%

Analytical Components:

  • Crude Protein    18%
  • Crude ash        2.5%
  • Crude Fat           0%
  • Crude Fiber        0%
  • Dry Matter        65%
  • Moisture           33%
  • Lysine                0%
  • Methionine         0%
  • Sodium              0%


  • Betaine stimulates the secretion of growth hormones and influences the lipid metabolism. Betaine may also act as source of glycine.
  • Betaine has osmo-regulatory properties allowing animals to fight against heat stress.
  • By using Betalay, not only increased feed efficiency but also secure animal’s health
  • Increased Haugh units will result in a better protection of the embryo against shocks and pathogenic bacteria. Many publications have already shown that the firmness of the albumen determines the hatching process.
  • Lactic acid acts very efficiency against Salmonella and enhances the digestibility of Ca, which is necessary for shell formation.

Dosage & Administration:

Birds    : 2 to 5 kg/t in feed for laying or breeding hens.


Store in a cool and dry place protected from light.
Keep out of the reach of Children.

Pack Size: 1 Liter & 25 Liter

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